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Buying or Selling Real Estate in Turkey

Looking for a real estate for sale in Turkey?
In that case you have come to the right place. We offer residental and commercial properties in Turkey including a wide range of villas, apartments, houses, small central flats, plots or hotels.

Whether you are buying or selling a property in today's competitive real estate market, it is extremely important to have a total confidence in your chosen real estate professional.
We know that trust must be the most important point of our relationship, which is why we operate with integrity in an honest and transparent way.

Our professional team will help you in every step of real estate buying and selling in Turkey.

Property Viewing Trip to Turkey
It has never been easier to inspect properties in Turkey.

We arrange a custom made inpection trip according to your busines plan. Let us know the appropriate time for you and we arrange your viewing trip to Turkey. Your flights, airport transfers and hotel accommodation will be arranged by Pavilion. How does it work?

  1. Deciding the Inspection Dates. We would like to give you full service during your stay in Turkey. No stres at all. We find the best time for you and for us to inpect our properties. The time of the inspection has to be suitable for you as well as for our representative guiding you in Turkey. If possible, your broker from Pavilion serves in your language.
  2. Travelling to Turkey. After we decide your dates to visit Turkey we book your flights to and from an appropriate airport and we will arrange your airport transfer on arrival and departure directly to the hotel.
  3. Hotel Accommodation in Turkey. We usually arrange nice, well known hotels during your stay here in Turkey. The hotels are mostly 4* with HB.
  4. Meeting at Hotel Pavilion Home in Turkey will arrange time to pick you up from your hotel and bring you to our office. It is usually at 10 o’clock the day after your arrival. At our introduction meeting we will discuss your desired property viewings and itinerary during your stay in Turkey. You will also gain an outline about the formalities and procedures of buying a property in Turkey and also about our services during and after the sales process. Respectively, we will always tailor your itinerary according to your own individual needs and budget.
  5. Oriantation within Locations. The first thing we do is to orient you within locations of our properties and give you information about their environment. You will have a comfortable service car and Pavilion team at your disposal for your Inspection tour. We will always pick you up from your hotel when viewing properties and when taking you on a tour of the area. We offer a friendly and personal service provided by our experienced representative who speaks your language and who will be with you every step of the way.
  6. Property viewings. Once you select properties that you would like to view, we will put together all the information for you including a property brochure, floor plans, price list and other relevant details. You will visit each property and we will organise a consultation for you with the developer on site so that you are able to obtain accurate information about the project.
  7. Review. After viewing your selection of properties, we will have a review meeting with you in the comfort of our offices. Here you will have an opportunity to ask more detailed questions and let us know your thoughts. If you choose your dream property at this stage, then we will move forward to the buying procedure.
  8. Preparing the sales contract and buying documents. We prepare a sales contract reflecting the selected property and agreed conditions. Buyer, seller and real estate company sign the contract. After the contract, we receive an autorisation from the buyer in order to make all necessary applications to deliver the title deed. That means, the buyer shall give us a “Power of Attorney” at a notary office so that we can sign the deed, apply to the Land Registry Office, prepare water and electricty subscritions, receive the İskan ( certificate from the municipality to move in the new apartment) etc.
  9. Delivery of the title deed. After the sales contract, we apply to the Land registry office to deliver the title deed. They have to apply to the Millitary Central in Izmir to confirm that the property is not located near the millitary zone, in a national park, in a historical area, on the mines; i.e. it can be purchased by a foreigner. The checking period takes from a month up to four mounths. After the buying permission from military is issued, an authorised person from Pavilion signs the title deed (tapu) on behalf of buyer.


Construction Management Service

Break down and renew is our job. You just decide what to do.
As your Construction Manager, Pavilion will act as your agent throughout the design and construction phases of your building project, until the day when you turn on the lights in your new or renovated building for the very first time. Pavilion will manage details including working with architects to keep project costs down, contacting quality contractors to inform them about the project, working with contractors to maintain project schedule, processing contractor payment applications and expediting owner occupancy permits through local and state agencies.


Lawyer Service
Pavilion takes care the buying progress and closing the case. On the other hand some of the clinets want to be sure about the rules and regulations in question. In that case we provide legal services through a lawyer, Mr. Deniz Kaya. He is registered in the Istanbul Advocats Law Society and he speaks fluent English. In case you have trouble with legal issues, you may kindly contact to Advocat Mr. Deniz Kaya. Mail to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Airport transfer
Pavillion arranges the airport transfers for both ways – from and to the airport. Nice air-conditioned private car deliver you to your residence. For the price range please contact us at Pavilion. Mail to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Home Furnish
Furnishing the new property is sort of exciting. Every single person has different teste at furnishing home. Our team is pretty experienced at furnish apartment and villas. There are more than 80 different brand of furniture shop in Alanya. In case you want to have professional design, we arrange interior designer for you lovely home.

Insurance Service
We recommend all our clinets to insure their homes in Turkey. According to risk factors, insurance package could be cheaper or expensive. Although Turkey is partly in an eartquake zone, every region has different eartquake risk. Mediterranean region with destinations like Alanya, Side, Belek or Antalya has the lowest earthquake risk in Turkey. When you purchase a property in Turkey, we can arrange an appointment with an insurance company on the same day. The insurance is mostly valid one year. The insurance company contacts you before its expiration and give you an option to prolong it if you wish.

Our insurance agent is Mrs. Emine Kabakçı / www.groupama.com.tr

For more information mail to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Financing Home/Mortgage

Foreigners can loan in Turkey for the property which they have bought in Turkey. Pavilion is co-operating with Garanti Bank in Turkey. %65 of the expert value could be loan from the bank. No matter how much you have paid for the apartment. The bank expert will inspect and make the valuation of the property. You may loan for different years.

What is necessary to loan in Turkey?

  • Salary orders
  • Invoice to your name ( which shows your address at home country)
  • Title deed of the property which you buy
  • Passport
  • Bank register dump ( which show all your financial background)

For more information please contact to Mrs. Selcen Bulut, Customer relationship manager at Garanti Bank, Alanya Bruch. Mail to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Holiday Rentals in Alanya

Are you looking for an apartment to rent in Alanya? – whatever your needs may be, Pavilion will kindly provide you with a budget holiday accommodation in Alanya so that you get a comfortable night sleep here.

Enjoy Pavilion’s selection of apartments for rent in Alanya for your holiday with the same comfort as if you were at home. You may check the available accomodation facilities directly at our website.

Our rental department operates several apartments for short-term and long term rentals in Alanya. With over eight years´ experience, we offer to Alanya visitors quality apartment accommodation in all the central districts of Alanya city at very competitive rates.

Checking the availiblity situation please mail to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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