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Buying in Turkey

A country between two continents which attracts more and more attention of international audience every year. Countless golden beaches, natural beauties, historical sights, unique culture on the treshold of the Orient. On the other hand modern metropolises with fine art, galleries, festivals, night life, adrenaline sports and much more. In Turkey there is a home for everyone who wants to live in the sun and discover a new adventure every day.

Generally speaking, properties in Turkey have reached a high European level of quality supported with first class materials gained in the Taurus Mountains along the coast. Moreover, Turkish developers always try to be a step froward with the design and property concept development. As a result, stylish apartments and villas are built by the sea along the Turkish Riviera. Pick one and enjoy your life...

Compared to other countries, there are several advantages of Turkey to be mentioned:

  • Stable and self-sustaining economy with a second highest GDP growth in the world in 2011.
  • Stable political situation with a democratic system applied since 1923.
  • Unique climate conditions ensuring long warm summers and short mild winters.
  • Recently a property hotspot of Europe with a high potential for property value growth.
  • Quality properties at very competitive prices compared to the value you get for your money.
  • Your home by the sea easily accessible within 2-4 hour flight from European countries all year round.
  • Lower cost of living than in most European countries, higher life standard for your money.

Modern infrastructure in coastal areas as well as inland, which makes traveling throughout Turkey easy.

Turkish property market was opened for foreign property buyers in 2004. You can buy an apartment or a villa in Turkey as a foreign national (real person) or as a company with a legal presence in Turkey.

The purchase used to be based on a „recyprocity principal“ – only citizens of those countries, which allow Turkish to buy a property in their country, can also buy a real estate in Turkey. However, substantial changes in the legal restrictions are expected in 2012.
Limitations applied to property purchase by a foreigner in Turkey are supposed to be relieved and there shall be the sale rules and regulations for all foreign nations. We will keep you up-to-date with the situation.

Turkish properties are in general freehold type properties, the ownership of a real estate is declared with a Title deed (Tapu in Turkish) issued on your name. There is a wide offer of real estates to choose from – detached or semi-detached villas, seaview residences, golf properties, comfortible apartments or duplex penthouses along the coast. Turkish law ensures the same property ownership related rights for Turkish and foreign property owners.

Buying process

If you are thinking about buying a property in Turkey, consult with us any possible questions regarding the area, purchase procedures, individual properties or financing possibilities. Our consultancy services are available and free of charge for you any time. To pick the right apartment or a villa, we highly recommend to see it in real. If you are on holiday in Turkey, we will pick you from your hotel otherwise you can use the possibility of a 3-days viewing trip with us.

After you choose a suitable property in Turkey and decide to buy, we prepare a sales contract. At signing the contract you are expected to pay a depositof min. 1000 Euro to secure your property. In the sales contract we specify the payment plan and conditions as it is suitable for you.

Our properties are generally paid for in Euro currency. The payments are made directly to the developer´s / seller´s account usually via a bank transfer.

If so, make sure you cover the payment amount as well as bank charges related to the money transfer. If your funds are already in Turkey, you may also choose to pay in cash. Your property may be financed from your home country as well as from Turkey. If you wish, our financial advisor will gladly consult with you mortgage possibilities in Turkey.

Based on a Power of Attorney you grant to us, we will follow all the necessary procedures in the local Land Registrar Office and other authorities in question including the Military Central Office in Izmir. After sending all your payment while we follow the procedures, your Title deed is delivered and that is the time to start to fully enjoy your home in Turkey.

Thousands of foreigners purchase properties in Alanya, Side, Belek until Istanbul every year. Hundreds of them move to Turkey to spend their retirement here. There must be a reason for that, it can´t be all just a bubble.

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